Saturday, July 16

[Dispatches from Bored Central]
Here's a little tidbit: Don't take the yellow sinus pills when you're at work. Especially on an empty stomach. Because when they kick in, you're going to feel like you're tripping balls. And when you stand up, you might stumble. And the people who work with you might wonder if you're drunk. And for the rest of the night everything you touch will feel soft and everything you see will look like you're viewing it through gauze. And then you'll really look forward to driving home.

Somehow I've managed not to post about Harry Potter. Here's the thing about Harry Potter -- I love it, but I like observing the spectacle from afar more than actually, say, waiting in line for 16 hours to get the book and then reading it in 14 hours straight, like some rabid fans I know. I've only read the first book. I've seen all three movies and really liked the third (I preferred Cuaron's direction). I've always admired the five-book box set on Amazon (which is going for less than $30 now, which means I'll own it by Dec. 26). And reading the stories today about Harry Potter madness, I was silently giddy for all the people who are so excited by this book and the lore it has contributed to popular culture. So I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon a little late and, someday, work my way through books two through six in the next few years. I hope I can make it that long without hearing how it all ends and who dies. (I have my suspicions.)


Blogger Wendy said... I a rabid fan referenced in your blog? I'm touched. Tear. And if it's not me, uh, pretend it is. We must feed my ego here. Hell, I only stopped reading for a six-hour nap and a half-hour shower. I swear I just spelled that as "shour." I am deeply shamed.

Sun Jul 17, 03:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A girl I work with came in today and told me that she's read it twice since she got it Friday night at midnight. I haven't read any of the books or watched any of the movies, so I let her when she begged to tell me all the juicy new details. Even if I remembered them, I would kindly refrain from informing you.

Sun Jul 17, 01:12:00 PM  

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