Wednesday, July 6

[Instincts are misleading]
The weekend was fun, but, like all weekends, was over too quickly. The Fourth of July can almost always be recounted better through photos, so amble over to the photoblog and look at blurry pictures of sparklers when you get bored with your own blurry pictures of sparklers.

My dad and I saw Batman at a matinee Monday. It was pretty good. Cillian Murphy isn't much of a villian because he's too pretty, even with the mask. I mean, Joey, did you see his eyes? Honestly, no evil there.

It also got me thinking — all three of the last films I've seen (War of the Worlds, Land of the Dead, Batman) have included a scene in which a drawbridge of sorts threatens to trap a portion of the panicking population off from the rest, making for a tried and true "take my haaaand!" or "we're gonna jump this!" action sequence. I should really go see more romantic comedies so I can wait for the "but they didn't know they loved each other until it was too late so now they have to go through some hijinks to be together" twist. Thanks, Hollywood (and Shakespeare)! Now stop worrying about the box-office "slump" and get out there and churn out some more mind-numbing, mediocre movies for me!

My aunt came back from her trip to Chile and brought me this awesome little colorful purse made by a local artisan. I can't wait to pack it so full of my crap that I can't find my keys without rummaging for ten minutes. And my sister gave me this neat globe swag lamp she got on eBay but isn't going to use in her new house. It's a white globe with multi-colored mosaic glass glued onto it. If I can figure out how to hang it, we'll be in business.

My cousin Casey told me this weekend that his favorite cartoon is Futurama and he and I giddily traded opinions on our favorite episodes. He likes the Slurm factory episode, and I'm partial to the truck stop sandwich worm episode. His favorite character is Bender. Heh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I suggest a movie to tide you over until Burton's tasty little morsel hits the reels? The title is a secret but it involves the lost skeleton of cadavra. It's much cheaper than the cinema, too, because you watch it at home where you can pee without missing anything and stand and scream out in protest when you feel the need.

Wed Jul 06, 03:05:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Are you getting a cut of the rental royalties, missy? All right, all right. I'm hunting it down and watching it THIS WEEKEND. Do not let me weasel out of it.

Wed Jul 06, 04:12:00 PM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

Amazing coincindence, because Jimmy and I just watched that movie this weekend. Very cheesy. Reminds me of the Bobby videos.

Wed Jul 06, 08:14:00 PM  

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