Saturday, July 9

[When things come alive]
God, I'm bored out of my frickin' mind. Saturday nights mean waiting games at work. Hurry up to hit the early deadline and then wait around to hit the late one. Then wait more for the "roger" to go home. There's no skipping out early; when news breaks, you have to be there to put it on the page. Even if it ends up not breaking.

So I wait.

I made my occasional MySpace rounds and realized (okay, not realized, but noted) how few real friends I actually have on there. I mean, I have several real friends on there, and I'm "friends" with a lot of people I sort of know (and a few I don't, not to mention a few fictional characters), but most of my pals are in on the Facebook craze instead of MySpace. I created a Facebook account back in April just to see what all the fuss was about, but I never did much with it because I thought it was exclusively for the current-college-student set (and, to a large degree, it is). But tonight I threw cyber-caution to the cyber-wind and I updated my profile and requested that a bunch of my friends add me to their friend lists. And Brandon, ever the technowiz, instantly added a comment to my wall. Thanks, brau! I don't think you're a giant douche, for what it's worth. I also joined lots of silly groups. I think I'll create a SWISH group just for the hell of it.

The Facebook is much more pleasant to look at than MySpace. MySpace is a smidge disorderly overall. I don't know what the options for profile customization are in the Facebook, but I dig that it lacks big, flashy, annoying ads. (Does anyone remember the gut-wrenchingly awful MySpace frog ringtone ads that would holler at you when you grazed your mouse over them? Shudder... I'm talking about the same frog whose ringtone album outsold Coldplay a month or so ago. Again, shudder...) Sometimes I stumble across MySpace pages that make me recoil in horror thanks to their sheer ugliness. I'd link to them but that would be a little too snarky, even for me.

Random thought alert: If I ever create my own newspaper, be it parody or real news, I want to name it "The Daily Headache." This occurred to me in transit to the bathroom tonight. "Who knows where thoughts come from. They just appear." Name that movie and I'll write a short poem in your honor. No Google searching!

Fifteen minutes to go...


Blogger Brandonian said...

YAH! I'm not a giant douche!

That's the kind of thing you should tell all of your single, attractive friends...

Sun Jul 10, 03:07:00 PM  
Blogger Bud Wiser said...

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Sun Oct 02, 04:18:00 AM  

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