Saturday, July 16

[The squeaking of our skin against the steel has gotten worse]
I was so looking forward to usual Saturday outing to El Mezcal, but Phil's working late and here I am killing time until he gets here. But the clock's ticking and I have to leave for work at 3. I need chips and salsa. STAT.

So let's kill some time, shall we?

Here's an excellent column in the Scene that pretty much sums up the inner turmoil I'm feeling over Islam right now. I want to be completely open-minded and accepting of Islam's idiosyncrasies (I don't count beheadings and the like as 'idiosyncrasies,' however; I'm talking more about the five prayers a day, the women's headwear and the like) and I want so badly to believe that the extremists don't represent Islam at large, but it's getting tougher and tougher to dismiss the extremists as the minority when they are able to do so much damage without incurring the wrath of their own fellow non-extremist Muslims. So Randy Horick pretty much sums up the internal struggle I've been having over this issue, and he does it with an eloquence I doubt I'll ever be able to muster.

Someone I work with told me that Subway is phasing out their stamp card promotion because there was a counterfeit stamp operation running online. The shame!


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