Saturday, July 9

[About London]
I'm deeply sorry for those who have lost someone or been hurt themselves in this latest act of unconscionable violence. But this whole sequence of events is far more complex than I'll ever fully grasp. I know that. So I'm not going to talk policy or say "I told you so, Bushies!" because that seems foul, even if that's how I'm inclined to feel. I've all but lost hope that we'll get out of this mess with any semblance of dignity or honor. And even if we do manage to pull off a magnificent hail mary, there will still be plenty of assholes out in the world bent on fucking it up for the rest of us. The circle of life, if you will.

I'm torn on this because it's such a huge tragedy, but at the same time, this sort of thing happens multiple times a week in Iraq (not to mention elsewhere in the world) and we've stopped giving it major front-page play because, well, it's Iraq and that's what happens in Iraq now. Constantly. That's how we look at it. When the same thing happens every day, it's not news — even if it's horrific. That's the nature of the news biz, strangely enough. But the London bombings are news, I know that. It's all news. London, Iraq, Darfur. All of it. But after a while, you begin to think that every damn car in Iraq is armed with a bomb, that two or three dead soldiers and a dozen or so dead civilians a day is just the standard operating procedure, and that there are a lot more pissed off extremist Muslims than we'd truly like to believe.

Is it true? How will we ever really know?


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