Friday, October 22

[Like diamonds in the dust]
Back in Tennessee. I had a really good time in Southampton and wish I could visit more. Amber wrote a bit on her blog about the haunted house we visited, but I want to mention it as well. Compared to all the haunted houses/woods I've been to in Nashville, this one definitely ranks high. Sure, we blew $16 apiece on about 10 minutes waiting in line and two minutes running through the thing, but I was actually scared during most of it. They upped the suspense by making you walk through long corridors or paths, and then when the masked ghoul would pop out of the scenery, not only would he step over the fence and chase after you, he would also get in front of you and block your path. Which, now that I think about it, is really goddamned annoying. But still. Amber tried to walk through with her ears covered, but I figured the only way to get through the rooms without those awkward confrontations with heavy breathing monsters was to just run through and surprise them first. It didn't really work, and we didn't get to see any of the special effects they had set up.

We also went to the Ikea store and I gushed a lot. I seriously fear the day when the consumer hiding somewhere beneath my cynical skin breaks free. You can't go wrong in Ikea, and even though lots of their stuff is cheaply made and you have to assemble it yourself, it's still very reasonably priced.

Ann Coulter almost got pelted with pies, but she escaped un-pied thanks to her so-skinny-she's-almost-transparent figure.

My hair is driving me nuts. I want to grow it back out because I don't really feel like short hair is really me, but it's at that between point where it looks awful and really needs to be trimmed. What to do, what to do.


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"I can open the door for you guys if that'll get you going."


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