Monday, October 11

[United we'll make them remember our history]
A whole day off, spent buying things for the ferrets and a couple of new work shirts and slacks for me. I also shelled out $170 for two textbooks I had put off buying until I had the money: one for logic (I bought what I thought was the right edition online but it turned out to be too old) and one for grammar. I guess I'll soon find out exactly how behind I am in those classes. Somehow I've made it through logic, even making a 92 on the first test. But our first grammar test is Wednesday night and I'm pretty sure I've got lots of catching up to do in the meantime. Eh.

I was originally scheduled to work tonight, but I traded with a lady I work with so she could have Thursday night off. So I'm preparing to kick back and do some much-ignored homework, maybe play a little Roller Coaster Tycoon. Who knows what I'll get into in this little apartment of mine.


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