Wednesday, October 20

['Pearl Harbor' sucked and I miss you]
Team America was an absolute riot. I could barely contain myself during the entire film. I don't know what's funnier: puppets having sex or funny songs mocking Darryl Worley/Toby Keith. There is some serious political commentary in the film, obviously, but it's so full of un-PC toilet humor that you can't help but laugh. You have to go see it.

This morning I stayed up until 4:30 playing The Sims 2, and I didn't want to go to bed. That's all I'm going to say, lest this post devolve into a gushing video game review. Fight it, fight it, fight it.

Today we drove up to Sag Harbor and took the ferry to Shelter Island, a village that looks like a Stephen King movie set. All the houses are tall and mostly vertical, with huge windows and ramshackle shingles. Absolutely gorgeous. We nosed around in a tiny bookstore before we realized we needed to head back in time for Amber's class. We accidentally took the wrong ferry and had to double back, so now she's missed her class but we're back in time to go to a reading that's part of that class. Afterward, we're planning to track down a haunted house and then tomorrow we're immersing ourselves in the world of Ikea. Then I have to go home. Boo to that. These few days have flown.


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