Tuesday, October 12

[I feel stupid and contagious]
Surely it's not just me. Am I the only one whose classes are ruined by one or two exceptional idiots who can't contain their asininity, and who seem even to flaunt it? This happens every semester. This time, there are two particularly annoying girls -- 'scuse me, women -- in my Death and Dying class. Actually, there are three. But I will only speak of two tonight.

First, this one girl (OK, I'm intentionally using 'girl' here because she acts like a kid) left class early to go home and take a 900 mg ibuprophen to ease the pain of a cut in her mouth she incurred from a straw. A straw. She went home to take a huge dose of pain reliever for a cut -- with stitches! -- in her mouth, caused by a straw. All this, while her lower lip boasts a glinting silver ball, punched through her skin in the name of body art.

Then the other girl (again, intentional usage of 'girl'), who is by far the most vapid person in the room, was asking people if they'd seen Farenheit 911. She proceeded to make scrunchy faces when it got people talking about politics, and then erupted into a thousand giggles when she realized she meant to say Ladder 49. As an afterthought, she went on to criticize the Democrat guy she was talking to, saying that -- and I quote -- "George Bush may not have good moral authority, but at least he knows what he's talking about." Oy vey.

I heard from J.R. the other day. He's over in the bloody UK, doing secretive research for the government, planning to come back to school in the 'Boro next fall. It's good to hear that he's safe, especially in these turbulent times abroad.


Blogger TVonthefritz said...

Speak of the third one! There's nothing like talking shit about people online. Seriously. I enjoyed your frustration for straw-touting idiots. It made me erupt in fits of nervous laughter, but then again, that could be the Wellburtin talkin'.

Wed Oct 13, 12:22:00 PM  

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