Tuesday, October 19

[Cease this endless chattering]
Amber's in class and I'm whizzing around the 'net on her superfast computer. We've been having a good time doing what we do best: Sitting around, eating junk (caramel apple suckers), giggling at Strangers With Candy. We've agreed -- diplomatically -- that they had one more season in them. Perhaps they'll get it all out in the upcoming movie.

Speaking of movies, when she gets back in a few minutes, we're heading out to the theater to see Team America. Part of me wants to see The Grudge, but the rest of me would rather not make Sarah Michelle Gellar any richer. However, Trey Parker and Matt Stone can have all my money.

Tomorrow we're cramming in all the outdoor activities we half-planned, since the sky has been snorting slate-colored rain all day. This place is pretty dreary from what I've seen. I've taken some pictures, but there's so little contrast in the colors around here that you can barely make out anything. Amber, I'm telling you, the time is now to write a crazy psychological horror story. Just listen to "The Amazing Sounds of Orgy" on a continuous loop, gaze into the empty dorm windows across the green (the grayish?) and you'll get there with no problem. But don't listen to your campus radio station too much because every song is about suicide. I can totally understand why all the kids here are into goth.

The downtown Southampton area, though, is quaint and completely touristy. It reminds me of the man-made streets in Gatlinburg. Well, I guess by definition all town streets are man-made, but this place has that particularly synthetic feel to it, almost like Disney sponsored and built it back in the day but then auctioned it off to local merchants who infused some regional culture.

I just finished my review of Updike's Villages for [flash]. Updike is a great writer (like I have to even say that to make it true), but this book didn't capture much of my attention, or the spirit his earlier stories have. I don't know. Maybe I just thought the protagonist was a cheating jerkbag.

I think I'm going to try my hand at The Sims 2 now. I watched a teeny bit of action last night, and it looks so freaking awesome -- so awesome that I don't even want to play it for fear that my inability to master it in an hour will taint the gaming experience. Oh, god.


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