Saturday, October 16

[Can anybody fly this thing?]
Things I actually like about work:
+ Working alone, and actually having stuff to do, even if it's putting up stock and rearranging the entire area just to fit in some tacky corduroy pants.
+ Helping kids find clothing items that they get all excited about.
+ Using my youthful eye for fashion (!!!) to help parents find clothes that their kids will like.
+ When cute teenage boys come in with their mothers and act awkward and embarrassed about everything, especially if we have to talk about pant size or I have to bring out the measuring tape.
+ Assisting the occasional gay man who prefers shopping in the boys' department.
+ Getting paid every week.
+ Wearing nice clothes.

Things at work that frustrate me:
+ When old men come to the big boys' department, ask where the coats are, and I take them to the boys' coats, only to have them look at me like I'm stupid and say, "I think we're in the wrong department. This is the boys' department. I'm a man." My reply? "Sir, you came to the big boys' department to ask about coats, so I thought you were shopping for your grandson." His snide rebuttal? "Why would I do that?" My ineffective explanation? "Because a lot of grandparents come in to shop for their grandchildren."
+ When people change dirty diapers in the fitting room and the stench permeates the whole department.
+ When the language barrier between me and the customer is so great that our communication is reduced to charades.
+ When I have to work with a lot of people and either take orders about where to put stuff, or listen to/participate in pointless conversations.
+ When people return things that were bought more than three months ago and argue with you about getting back the full price, since most of the time, we'll only pay what it's worth upon return, which is substantially less.


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