Tuesday, February 24

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
I thought I would be productive today and get up earlier than needed so I could frolick to campus and begin checking things off my massive to-do list. But the M'boro Water and Sewer Dept. decided to poo-poo on my plans, so they cut my water off. And Phil paid the bill! So he calls and sets things straight (he's at work), but they can only loosely promise that they'll get it back on before noon.

So I can't go anywhere or do anything without showering. I guess I'll play with the ferrets and scowl at CNN. It seems that the Catholic Church's inability to prevent pedophilia within its walls has raised insurance costs for childcare groups. Good lord. Welcome to America.

Oooh, Amazon just notified me that the second season of Six Feet Under is coming out on DVD in June and I can pre-order it now. Just as I predicted, the front of the new box has a picture of the infamous tree on it. I never really understood the whole pink-lipstick thing on the season one boxset, but I won't say anything bad about that show. I love it so.


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