Saturday, February 14

Love, soft as an easy chair
That's not so much a Barbra Streisand shout-out as it is an MST3K shoutout. Giant Spider Invasion, if I'm not mistaken. But I'm a bit rusty on my MST trivia, so leave a comment if I need to be corrected.

My group meeting went pretty well. I pitched a couple of ideas that combine some other members' ideas and I think we have a viable product. I also came up with a cool name, which I won't divulge because our project is super secret. The project is due in a week and a half. I've promised them I would have stories, photos and master pages on the server by Monday evening, before I visit the Tennessean with half the class to gawk at how a Real Newspaper is made. Maybe I'll see Pam. But maybe I'll also see Kevin, the editor who didn't hire me. How embarrassing.

Happy Valentine's Day and whatnot. I'm at work and Phil has the day off. What could be more romantic? We wanted to go to the Frist Center, but they close right as I'm clocking out. Bah. A pox on holidays. Well, Cheryl told me about a neat Web site that hosts photos for free, so here's a sugary sweet saccharine photo for your Valentine's Day enjoyment.


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