Thursday, February 19

Everywhere I seem to go, I find the masses trampling a dream
I don't like the look of my blog. I tried to be all minimalistic and stuff, because I didn't want it to be annoying and flashy, because I knew I'd get tired of it. Well, I'm tired of the silly purple-and-white blandness. I need more. So I'm out hunting blog skins, and let me tell you, I can't find anything worth spitting at. It's enough to make me turn my attention to Diaryland, because there's a ton of cool skins out there for those templates.

We'll see. I feel like I need an infusion of red.

I guess I'm going to B'ham tomorrow. I feel like I need to stay here and work more on my newspaper project, but I confirmed my spot on the bus today, so I don't want to stand them up. Plus I would actually like to go. It's just at a bad time, when I'm stressed. Eeergh. I should complain more.


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