Monday, February 16

I don't think that God is interactive
Valentine's Day. Over with. Phew. It's not just singles who hate it. There must be masses of couples who hate feeling socially obligated to do something nice for their other half one day each year. I prefer to think that my boyfriend is obligated to do something nice for me every day each year.

To celebrate The Most Superficial of All Holidays, we cashed in all our spare change at the CoinStar in Bi/Lo. We have a literal treasure chest -- about half the size of a shoebox -- that we dump our spare change into throughout the week. I was thinking we'd get $20 out of it, and Phil estimated $40. We got a whopping $70, and went on a grocery-shopping spree. It was great. We ended up spending far more than $70 (think $140) but our pantry/freezer/fridge are stocked. I never have food in my house to eat, so this is a real treat. I just have to make sure not to devour everything within a week, as I am wont.

Today is the class trip to the Tennessean. Nick and I are going up early to eat lunch with Amber. I can't wait to see where she works. If I had any money, I'd bring her a box of wine and tell her to stash it in the bunker under her desk ... just in case.

After the tour of A Real Newspaper, our professor is taking us out for pizza. Methinks there will be much awkward silence ... or else much boring smalltalk. Either way, I'll probably be late for work.

Oh yeah, I saw Lost in Translation the other day. It was OK, but not as good as I'd expected. I won't snark on it too much, because it's better than most of the crap I've seen lately. My favorite part has to be when Scarlett Johanson's character talks about how every girl goes through a photography stage and takes pictures of her feet. Heh. She's obviously talking about me.


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