Saturday, February 21

Don't let the future go to your head
Overslept. Alarm? Never heard it. I missed the bus to Birmingham. Kristin is going to kill me. I'll have to bake her cookies or something and come in extra early tomorrow. KHall, if you're reading this, forgive me. I am a colossal loser who can't operate a clock radio. I'll make you any infographic you want, you just name it.

So I've been thinking about the future a lot lately. Hence the title to this entry (tm Doug Martsch). Things are starting to get sticky, at least in my head. A lot of my friends are graduating in May, which could mean lots of people will be moving for jobs/grad school. Amber is interviewing for a job in New York. I'm going to be down South May-August. I have my heart set on traveling and going wherever fate drags me, so I don't really have any plans. But there's this nagging in my skull. Things I want to do and am afraid I'm not going to. Graduate school (eventual Ph.D.? In what? Mass Comm? Oh god.). Overseas travel. Trying life in an area that's completely different from what I'm accustomed to (California? Canada, if Bush is re-elected.). I want to write fiction and poetry ... and recaps for TwoP. The gravity of my life unfolding is exciting but extremely frightening. I don't want to end up wondering where the time went. I do that enough already.

I want closeness with my friends. Phil and the ferrets at my side and in my home. An amazing and progressive city/community to dwell in. Lots of mental and digital pictures of beautiful memories in exotic places and foreign countries. I want to keep learning. Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep dreaming. Feel success and fulfillment. Make people laugh. Feel wanted and loved. Bwah! This is turning into a Stuart Smalley show. Because I'm good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.


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