Saturday, February 7

I just want to be my dad ... with a slight sprinkling of my mother
I officially have an internship this summer. It's in Birmingham at the Birmingham News. All I've got to do is set up a physical/drug screening in M'boro sometime soon so they can tell if I've got AIDS or am genetically predisposed to be a bad designer. Who knows. But they're drawing blood, which makes me squicky. I've never had blood drawn before and I understand it's a notably unpleasant experience. But I'm excited that I will get the chance to do a lot, so they tell me, including design A1 at least once. Wow. That's pretty cool.

I've done some 'net searching about the city. It seems pretty large and diverse. Lots of history in B'ham. My mission will be to soak it up and visit museums and other things I never take advantage of in Nashville. Which reminds me -- there is some major art on display at the Frist center. I should get a move on before van Gogh and Picasso and Gauguin ... uh ... move on.


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