Sunday, January 13

Riddle me this

An anonymous commenter left this for me on the post where I mentioned that my police report still was not available to me:

The MPD handles over a hundred crashes a week (on average about 28per day) - and EACH one has to be reviewed by A traffic supervisor so it takes time to get them filed. These supervisors do not only approve these reports they have other supervisory duties as well including making the scene of certain crashes when needed for advice by the officer or PST.

Then once it is approved at the Traffic Office it is sent to Central Records to be manually filed - add that to all the criminal reports they recieve and it takes some time to get each report filed. A few years ago the State changed the format for TN accident reports - it went from a few pages to about 10 so not only does it take longer for an officer or PST to fill out but it also takes longer to be approved and filed. Due to the fact the crash reports require a manual drawn illustration of the accident these reports can not be completed electronically which would certianly expadite the process. The general rule is 7 days or so per report - factor in the holidays - and you can see that it can take a bit longer to get a copy.

Look, I'm not a hothead. In fact, I'm probably too easygoing for my own good. So I haven't bitched anyone out over the report being so late (15 days now, minus a few weekend days and New Year's Day and possibly New Year's Eve if that counts as a holiday too). I was just mentioning that I still couldn't get it. It's annoying.

So here's my question for anyone who might know, including the Anonymous who posted the info above:

If my accident record isn't available to me yet, how in the FRICK did my cell phone and mailing address become available to the FIVE OR SIX different ambulance-chasing doctor/lawyer teams that have contacted me repeatedly in the past two weeks? The first lady who contacted me told me, after I pressed her, they got my info from the public record. She didn't get any more specific than that.

Is there another public record other than this accident report that I am unaware of that would include my freaking cell phone?

I'm not being sarcastic; I seriously would like to know.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The folks at Central Records could better answer that question since once it leaves the Traffic Office they have full control over the report. Personally I think no one but those parties involved - police, driver(s), insurance, investigators, and the courts - should have access to police reports of any sort.

(And I did not take you comment as being a "hothead" - just trying to share one side of the equation.)

Sun Jan 13, 01:15:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

I know. Sorry. I just get a little irked at the implication that I'm somehow being unreasonable about all this when, in fact, I'm probably erring on the lazy-ass side by not pushing the issue further and more quickly.

Speaking of people having access to my info, this morning I got YET ANOTHER cell call from some "Wellness Center" — one I had already turned down TWICE to two separate people.

There comes a point when their "concern" becomes harassment. I told the lady to stop checking on me. Holy shit. There is nothing about this process that doesn't suck.

Mon Jan 14, 10:02:00 AM  

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