Monday, January 7

Empty threat

Me, to Jack, who was eyeing the new phone cord I just installed:

"If you so much as put that cord in your mouth, I will pull out your teeth and make a necklace of them and wear it in front of you so you'll be sad."

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Blogger RJA said...

How many times have I said that very thing to my children?

Mon Jan 07, 03:26:00 PM  
Blogger Lighthouse Pilot said...

Nice. We should get together and write a book about mean things you can say to your cats when they're being shits.

Right now I like to pretend to punt mine. I'll run up and make that sound footballs make when football players kick them. Sometimes it sounds real and I can almost feel what it would feel like to launch one of them across the room.

Is that wrong?

Mon Jan 07, 08:30:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

RJA, is it true that the only thing keeping you from doing so is the exorbitant cost of pediatric dentures?

LP, not so much wrong as hilarious. Also, is that sound more like a "foonf" or a "poont" (followed by a thud and a loud catscreech)?

Mon Jan 07, 09:03:00 PM  
Blogger RJA said...

The cost of dentures and those do-gooders down at the Department of Human Services.

Mon Jan 07, 10:59:00 PM  

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