Friday, January 11

Because I can

blog (n.) an online repository for endless bitching, bad poetry, and pictures of cats that are, on average, never as cute as your own.

kitty cuteness

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Anonymous grandefille said...

The lovely Sally is gettin' her Amy Winehouse on in that photo, sans the need for rehab and bandages. So lovely.

And Jack? Well, the state of his tail proves that he just cruelly gassed his sista, the bastige.


A lurvely shot.

Here's hoping you're feeling better, miss. Wreck aftermaths are of Teh Suck.

Fri Jan 11, 10:26:00 PM  
Anonymous grandefille said...

P.S. -- See?! The "skeptical" photo in that series proves my theory. Sally is all "Jeebus, mom, quit feeding him ham. Pleease."

Here's to (non-gassy) kittehs who snuggle warmly on your sore shoulder and neck, creating living heating pads that purr. Yay!

Fri Jan 11, 10:29:00 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

You are rockin lately despite your setbacks. I say you win!

Sat Jan 12, 03:08:00 AM  

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