Saturday, December 23

'Courier' Colloquies: Darndest Things Edition

Each year at Christmastime, the heads of editors at small newspapers swell with one delightful notion: Children writing copy and filling a whole extra section (cushioned, of course, with plenty of holiday advertising) with their silly blatherings.

It's a winning tradition, and I'm not being sarcastic. It is seriously such fun to read the natterings of six-year-olds, all of whom are so cotton-picking cute and delusional that you can sit there and imagine what their lives must be like, based entirely on what they tell the newspaper they want for Christmas.

So, in the interest of spreading holiday amusement, here are some of the more interesting vignettes from this week's Savannah Courier:

The Slightly Scary:

The Sweet:

The Sad:

The Star Wars obsessed:

The Insane:

The Diabolical:


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