Tuesday, February 21

Profiles in chutzpah

Toothless lady in the Walgreens parking lot, I salute you.

It takes enormous gall to walk up to someone's car and ask for a dollar, when you've clearly witnessed this person trying in vain to get her car to start. And how beautifully brazen you must be to insist -- even after this person has stopped trying to start her car, picked through her change purse (which is clearly full of pennies and the occasional quarter, which this person was probably going to use for laundry later), and given you a dollar in quarters -- that you said you needed a dollar fifty, not a dollar. How wonderfully cheeky of you, my dear.

I'm sorry this person gave you her last dollar twenty-five and that it was insufficient for your impatient needs, which caused you to storm off (buck twenty-five in hand, of course) with nary a thank-you or fuck-you or anything.

But you have topped the toothless asshole charts this week, love, and that's gotta be worth more than a fucking measly buck twenty-five in quarters.


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