Tuesday, February 21

Is this a hint, universe?

Heyzeus Crisco. Is this getting-internet saga as boring to read as it is to write? Don't answer that.

Friday my new (wholly unnecessary) phone line was supposed to be connected by midnight. By yesterday afternoon, it still wasn't working. So I called BellSouth. Super Nice Lady told me that they'd get a repair crew out, but that if the problem was found between the outdoor box on the building and where the line comes through my wall, I would have to pay for the repairs because I had not bought a maintenance package (seems strange for me to have to buy a maintenance package in order just to get my fucking phone line working in the first place, but whatthefuckever). Otherwise, any problems they found (from the box to their terminal or source or whatever), they'd fix free of charge.

(For the record, if I end up being charged for these repairs, I'm sending the bill straight to the landlord to have it deducted off my March rent. I think that's fair. Don't you? I mean, letting me move into an apartment that has no cable access is one thing, but a dead phone line? What the fuck was going on in this apartment before I got there?)

So she got a repair operator on the line with me, who ran a little signal to my number and was able to tell that -- eureka! -- there was indeed a problem. So they were supposed to send someone out today by 5. I'm at work. I'm sure they need to get into the apartment.

The UPS guy just called (I put a sign on the downstairs entrance to call my cell for package deliveries, since my buzzer still hasn't fucking been fixed) to say he's got my DSL modem in hand, so I asked nicely if he could come by the apartment at the exact same time tomorrow, when I will plant my ass on the couch and stare out the window 'til I see him.

Who knows? Maybe by then the BellSouth people will have come by again to repair the line, and this colossal chaotic ball of suck will dissipate and leave behind the sticky residue of triumph as I finally hook my computer up to the precious interweb, now that nearly all the fun has been sucked out of the whole internetting experience.

Fucking A.


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