Friday, February 17

Worm's eye view ... har har

Today's installment of Irrational Fears Proven Not So Irrational Thanks to a Story Linked on Fark comes to us from Serbia, which is only mildly comforting.

Doctors at a clinic in Kragujevac, central Serbia, have removed an 11 centimetre-long intestinal worm from a woman's eye socket.

According to preliminary results, the worm taken from the 37-year-old patient's eye belongs to the Ascaris family, a common intestinal parasite in pigs that is also found in humans.


The parasite had probably travelled through the patient's blood from the digestive tract into the eye socket, doctors at the clinic believe.

A worm that can travel from your gut, through your blood, to your eye? That's fucking science fiction, my friends.

The story is here, if you've got the strength of stomach to ponder it further.


Blogger phallicpen said...

That's why I never walk around barefoot in moist soil, nor do I chow down on raw chicken. On the contrary, I chow down on raw tuna and walk around in the moist soil wearing flip-flops.


Sat Feb 18, 12:26:00 AM  

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