Saturday, June 18

[Kids, are you noticing all this plight?]
Yes, yes. It's been a few days. Work has been unusually demanding this week. Everyone and his/her brother-cousin is on vacation, it seems. And guess which rookie gets to fill in for everybody? I just found out that you have to work at my company for ten years before you get four weeks' vacation. The union's trying to get that reduced to eight years, but the company has a union-busting lawyer who's doing his best to make sure Scripps can afford to buy shopping web sites but not give its employees a raise (scroll to "union woes"). I mean, I don't want to get fired for blogging about my job, but sheesh. Some things can't be swallowed without a twitch.

I've been reading a bit about the kid who's being forced to go to hetero camp. I didn't realize for a while that this was happening here in Memphis and Bartlett. Why? Why? It's sick. And NewsChannel 5 is under pressure from the Southern Baptists to can their new "Out and About" show. Matt Pulle over at the Scene has a good piece on that controversy. You know, since we've ended poverty and ensured world peace and prosperity, we have plenty of time to keep the queers in their place.

Not to drone on about work, but we're just now, on Sunday, going to publish our first account of the Downing Street memo story. I'm not even linking that because if you haven't heard about this by now, I'm going to assume you're living in some hidey-hole, covered in rotten cabbage and chicken bones. It strikes me as particularly sad that it's taken American print/broadcast media so damn long to get on this story. It shows a crippling reliance on the AP, which admitted they dropped the ball on the story. Whoops. If we don't report, how can people ignore us and then later, when it all turns to shit, decide not to care?


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