Friday, June 3

[Better late than never, and other fun cliches]
I finally put a hit counter on this damn thing ... about two years too late. When I had my own domain, Geocities tracked my hits and told me all sorts of things, like what browsers people used to view the site. You know, in case I cared enough to design based on that browser's strengths. Which I didn't. Well, couldn't. I'm not that good. So I'm back down to eight hits today, eight hits total. That averages out to about 0.014035087719298235614035087719298 hits a day over the past 19 months. Please don't check my math; I'm a communications major and don't like to be told that I'm wrong, even if I am.

My grandmother is coming Sunday to stay three nights at the Turner-Weaver Resort while she attends some big Methodist conference. Phil is getting phreaked out, since, on Tuesday night, I'll be at work and he'll have to entertain her alone. This makes for all sorts of good grandmother jokes (the more sophisticated variety of mom jokes, of course), but it's a fair concern on his part. Anyway, I'm looking forward to her visit. I like hosting overnight guests, even if I have to demand that they stay out of the pantry. Ahem.

When Phil read my post about going boating with Isaac Hayes and Justin Timberlake, he asked me if that's what I wish I could do in real life. I explained that, no, I have no interest in doing heroin or boating with celebrities, but it made for a better story than "I came home and shuffled through a box full of paperwork and old Murfreesboro bills to find my insurance card so I can go have my teeth cleaned and my eyes poked." When I told him I was up all night getting the proper paperwork together, he said, "Did you cry?" At which point I realized just how out of hand my mood swings have gotten. Are there excess hormones in my milk or something?

TWoP's recaps of Britney Spears's new "show" are hilarious. I haven't actually seen the show, mind you, nor will I ever watch it unless forced to by a mad scientist. But I love the snarking that goes on at TWoP and I want a gig with them so bad it hurts. I especially enjoy the 7th Heaven recaps, too. What a craptastic piece of crap show. And when Six Feet Under starts back up, my HBO-less ass will have to read the recaps to know what's going on.


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