Sunday, June 12

[Keeping up appearances]
My mom's on her way here. Her flight leaves at 4:30. I figure that'll give us about an hour and a half before we have to truck it toward the tarmac. Phil offered to cook lunch (or did I ask him to? I forget ... ) so I suppose we'll make a trip to the grocery in a bit. After that, I've got the whole day to myself.

Last night I thought about things I don't do but should and why I don't do them, and realized that I like to use other people as convenient excuses for my inactivity. I want to change this and stop structuring my life around others. Surely I can learn how to get out of bed before noon, even if it hurts. Today I got up at 9 and I lived to blog about it. Now the next step is going outside and somewhere other than here instead of moping inside all the damn time. Lying on your bed, staring at your arm hairs is no way to be happy. I know this. Why do I insist on doing it every day? It's time my brain started demanding that my body interact with the real world of nature and not just the cyberworld that conveniently sits inside my living room.


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