Wednesday, December 15

[Hand finger puppets]
Wow. My blog went crazy there for a while. I've been having trouble posting lately. Some gibberish about FTP connections. Delete, delete, delete! What a diatribe about the virtues of blogs.

I'm off to Memphis in a few for the big interview. The design director said I would be there from noon until 5 or 5:30. That's a long interview. I hope that's a good thing, and I hope it doesn't involve any sort of tests. I don't want to force blocks into correctly shaped cutouts, pee in a cup, or design tomorrow's front page. Maybe I'll just be making the rounds, meeting everyone, and wowing them with my awkward, nervous charm.

I'm in Saltillo, and it's sleepy but still breathing. Unlike my dad, however, who went to a sleep clinic the other night and found out that he stopped breathing 28 times in an hour. He's needs one of those scary gas mask-looking things that feed oxygen to him during the night. He has sleep apnea (sp?) and is halfway narcoleptic. Both problems are exacerbated by his working swing shift at the paper mill. I don't think the man has gotten any rest in 20 years.

Amber and Patrick are driving in tomorrow! Be safe!


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