Sunday, December 12

[Sinus infections smell like wet metal]
I've been trying to post all day, but haven't been able to connect to my FTP server. And because I already have delusions of persecution (gas siphoning, quasi-unfriendly anonymous posts, etc.), I naturally assumed that I was being sabotaged, because the whole world revolves around me, me, me! Until I figured it out and fixed the problem just now. That's the point where I backed sheepishly into the corner and rocked myself to sleep.

And the whole time, all I wanted to post was this little collection of photos. But now I feel like I've earned the right to post, and it was hard-fought, so I'll make this entry a little longer than I had originally planned.

I called out of work today to take care of Phil, who is getting sick and in typical man fashion spent the morning moaning and groaning. However, because he is a big boy and doesn't need me to follow him around with tissues and orange juice, I instead spent the day working on my grammar take-home final and the brochure project. I feel confident about them both, and got just enough done to balance my stress level back out, since I found out earlier today that I totally ignored the requirements for my Lit and Film paper, and am sure to get a C or worse.

Tomorrow I have the whole day off, which I'm sure was a mistake on the part of my manager, who would never intentionally give me a day off on a day I don't have class. Of course, she scheduled me for Tuesday and Thursday, both days I have never been able to work because of class, so it all works out in the end. I'm so close to quitting, though, that I'm finding it hard to care. Two co-workers got in a catfight the other day over some sales. It was awkward but highly amusing.

I have to go get an estimate on my car soon, possibly tomorrow. Does anyone know a reputable body shop that will do free estimates?


Blogger phallicpen said...

I know it's far, but Paint and Body Perfectors in Antioch is fucking amazing. You can drop my name and that I went to high school with Abby (the owner's daughter) and he'll treat you right.

Sun Dec 12, 09:25:00 PM  
Blogger Anonymouse said...

we wait for the keybringer, he has our doughnuts. 8 dollars for a historical document. the violent violet rain lasts ten minutes. responsibility flies like time, or a pig. i would have driven you home safely. i hear it now, she's going to say "hey, baby."

Mon Dec 13, 08:20:00 AM  

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