Tuesday, December 14

[This is my last exit]
The last week of school is always a blur to me. This is my last last week, so it's all the more fleeting. It doesn't really feel like I'm done with school, though, because I figure I'll eventually come back for a master's when I become washed up and irrelevent in my field. By then, I'll surely feel the need to teach young 'uns the finer points of design. That's how it works for us self-important newspeople.

I took my last logic test today. I should have studied, since it administered a severe beating to both my intellect and ego. Why didn't I memorize those truth tables and rules of inference and argument forms and paradoxes of material implication? Why? Oh, right. Because I lost the ability to care weeks ago.

Regardless, the one key to my exit from student-hood – the brochure – is now resting safely in the hands of the Enya-loving Ray Wong. I've posted JPEGs of the pages here. I hope the white-haired wonder (Kimbrell) thinks it's psychadelic enough.

All that's left is tonight's Death and Dying exam. I suppose it's fitting to end my entire college career with a test about funeral rites.

I picked up my cap and gown yesterday. They smell weird, so I've hung them up to air them out and hopefully coax the wrinkles out.


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