Sunday, October 31

[Sing for absolution]
It feels good to come home and get in my sweats and tanktop, light some candles, turn on HGTV for background noise, crack the sliding door and light the jack-o-lantern. I just came off a 39-hour workweek, which will be nice when Friday rolls around (cha-ching!), but it has pretty much rendered me lackadaisical and useless. Today was completely dead at the store. No one shops on Halloween. We're not allowed to sit or read or anything, so I had to just stand around in dress clothes for six straight hours. That concrete floor is hell on the ol' dogs.

Anyway, tomorrow I meet with Ray Wong to do the necessary paperwork that will emancipate me from my one-hour debt to the university. I also have to pitch ideas about the Mass Comm brochure. I'm thinking that I'll just rip off the current design trend of using square thumbnail photos of portions of an object and try to make it seem modern and communication-y. Wait, what is that saying? Amateurs borrow, professionals steal? Looks like I'm on my way.

Having that much design work to do means that I'll need to have the proper equipment (i.e. not the computer I use at home) at my disposal. And, as much as I would love to run to campus every morning and try to squeeze in some lab time, I think I'm going to need to work at home. I talked to my mom last night and she said for me to pick out what I'd like to have from Apple and e-mail her the specs. She and my grandmother have been planning for a while to buy me a new computer for graduation/birthday/xmas, but it's possible (and exciting!) that I could get it a little early. The new IMacs are quite stunning. Take a look:

That's it, that's the entire computer. All the guts are behind that fabulous flat 17-inch screen, and the CD/DVD drive is a little slit on the left side. And it's not just looks, people. It has a G5 processor and ... know what? You can read about it if you care. I'm not going to burden this post with technobabble that I really don't even understand that well.

The week is shaping up to be busy. Tomorrow's the meeting with Wong, and then work, and then K&J's Dia de los Muertos party and the premiere of Blood Shower. The rest of the week consists of work and class, with a pinch of well-honed homework procrastination thrown in now and again to make the process more stressful.

I've posted a (boring) new Life in the Day.


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