Monday, March 1

It's in the cards of destiny, your sanity in tow
Rained all day. I left my umbrella by a couch in the mass comm building for 10 minutes and alas, it was swiped. So I am soaked.

I had a portfolio meeting with my design professor today. He told me that none of my many, many front page designs jump out at him, and he would shy away from putting them into my portfolio. Oof. He said that though my designs are consistent, they're boring. So I guess what I need to do is act like the MTV brat I'm supposed to be and splash color and crap everywhere on everything so that the news isn't really the focus anymore. Instead, the pages are just schizophrenic records of the design fads of the day. Design gods, help me out! Isn't there something to be said for clarity and consistency on a news front? Something? Anything?

His major beef seemed to be with the typefaces throughout the pages and the photography, um, neither of which I have any control over. In a perfect world, he would have examined my work in its own context and realize that I do what I can with what resources I have. And several of the pages look really good for a college newspaper. Hell, several of the pages look better than the DNJ on a daily basis. I digress. I'll liven it up until the readers are barfing from all the technicolor, illustrated goodness. I'll make them pay with centered headlines and crazy fonts and oddly cropped photos! I will make a mockery of the news page with my outlandish designs but they will not be boring!!!!


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