Saturday, February 28

They say Confucius does his crossword with a pen
Weird, weird dream last night. I was chewing on some sort of fish or small-animal bones (why?) and I broke my front tooth. It hurt and looked ridiculous. I was so embarrassed, but couldn't concentrate on my pitiful mouth because I was too busy trying to evacuate a house that was quickly becoming uninhabitable.

According to some dream web sites, dreaming about losing teeth indicates that you're self-conscious about something, or feeling powerless. It can also mean -- if you're religious -- that you're straying away from god and putting all your stock in the words of men. The Chinese believe that if you dream your teeth are falling out it means you've been telling lies.

This all seems to be incredibly appropriate, since Amber, Phil and I had one of those discussions last night. About god and death and meaning. Amber's rooting for the romantic notion of the cosmic ball of energy. Phil's counting on aliens monitoring us. Me? I've never been more confused in my life. And pissed that this riddle could either be a cruel, lifelong joke, or a beautiful blink in time that I might miss because I'm so busy trying to figure it out.


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