Thursday, February 26

If you can dance, you don't need a home
Woke up to snow this morning. Lounged as long as I could. Ate chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese. I'm glad Phil is back. I love being home with him, feeling his presence. I hate sleeping without him.

The presentation went pretty well, I think. My professor asked a bunch of questions, though, which could either mean we got his attention and he was intrigued and wanted more details, or that what we said and showed was unclear and unfeasible. Either way, it's over with and now I have to move on to a brochure project that's due in a week or so and a paper for my film class. And a presentation and research project for Lesbian Studies.

Someone in that class told me today that I should speak up and give my opinion sometime. I guess I really am the only person in there who has never said anything in a class discussion. But I honestly don't have anything to contribute. Like today, we were talking about pedophilia and everyone was mad that some people group that under the 'queer' umbrella. That point devolved into various rants about pedophilia being wrong, etc. Maybe I should have spoken up in favor of pedophilia. I could have argued that starting 'em young will ensure a generation of people who are really good lovers when they're adults. Heh. No one wants to hear that from the quiet straight girl who keeps sniffling because she accidentally left her dreaded magic nose potion at home. So I'll keep quiet and soak up all the memes floating around the room, and wait until I leave to discard the ones I don't want.


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