Thursday, February 23

A virtual tour

So, as I promised weeks and weeks ago, here are photos of the new apartment. I'm still not entirely unpacked. I don't know if I ever will be.

These photos are all pretty blurry and crappy. Just pretend you're looking at an ad on Craigslist or something.

My teeny tiny kitchen. There's a back door there by the sink. To the left of the door is the fridge.

Some day this might be a breakfast nook and not just a place to dump boxes.

The built-in bookshelf and the hallway to the bathroom.

Behold! The bathroom sink.

My toilet doesn't have a tank. So I have this blue toilet cake thingy just hanging out in my cabinets, if anyone needs it. Also, check out what my brother calls the "courtesy flush handle." Very convenient.

This is the hallway, coming out of the bathroom. That Dead End sign was stolen from Hardin County back in ... 1996? Tamara and I made quick work of it in the middle of the night before our fun was stopped short by my "stomach" cramps.

The living room.

The center of entertainment, across the room from the couch.

My computer is situated on a rickety drafting table, and all the stuff that would go in my desk — if I had one — is in those boxes.

This goes from the living room to the bedroom.

My dresser has never been cleaner than in this photo.

This looks like some kind of bed in a prison cell corner.

The door from the bedroom to the breakfast nook, which you've already seen.

Gonzo had to inspect the windowsill.

This is the hallway, coming from the living room.

This door leads from the living room to the balcony.

The snow a week or two ago made the courtyard look quite lovely. This is the view from my balcony.

There's no way I've clearly explained the layout of the place, but it's pretty basic and I'm sure if you thought about it for two seconds, you'd figure it out. Anyway, those big blank spaces on walls will be filled soon enough, and I hope to do away with the last of the boxes as soon as I get a new desk. But it's a great apartment, small annoyances aside.

I got the best letter under my door today. It was given to everyone, I presume, to intimidate them into paying their December rent. The funny part came when the leasing dude said that we had to put a stop to the abundant dog shit along the north side of the complex. Yes, in this formal letter, he called it "dog shit." Good times.


Blogger phallicpen said...

Beautiful! I've always dreamed of you having built-in bookshelves.

Or me. Whatev.

The password is ohhrmh. Sounds sexy.

Thu Feb 23, 08:29:00 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Your place is pretty bitchin'! Some day, when I find myself in Memphis, I will drop by to escape the gunfire and enjoy some Rendezvous ribs in your breakfast nook, which will temporarily serve as the dinner nook.

Thu Feb 23, 12:09:00 PM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

Built in bookshelves are dreamy. Man, you've lived in your new apartment a month less than mine and you looked more moved in than I do. Fuck, I need to spend some time decorating.

Thu Feb 23, 12:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's the brown/not-as-brown-in-the-middle going-away rug. cool. hope gonz and felix still dig it.

Thu Feb 23, 02:00:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

They love it! Their favorite thing to do is roll around on it and stretch while I give them backrubs.

Fri Feb 24, 11:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three things:

Dude! I love the giraffe statuette on the built-in bookshelf! Do you have a giraffe fetish, too?

What is the wad of crumpled black material on the bed? My guess is a ball of a pair of black cotton briefs and a black bra. Am I close?

We were rather nebbish sign-stealers, weren't we? Remember while stealing the "No Dumping" sign we saw a car coming, freaked out, and sped away, leaving it dangling by one nut on the signpost? Then we looped around and went back and got it. Do you still have one of those signs? I seem to recall acquiring two. It might be a nice addition to the bathroom above the courtesy flush handle.

Fri Feb 24, 02:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and your apartment rocks like Tenacious D's The Complete Masterworks.

Fri Feb 24, 02:26:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

1. Thanks! My sister gave me that a couple of years ago. I don't have a giraffe fetish, but I do seem to have a latent love of African-inspired accoutrements. There's the giraffe, and then this box with safari elephants on it (also given to me by Krissie), the zebra pillow (which may have also been given to me by Krissie), the little tiger stool (from my mom), and then Brandon got me this oblong brown spotted candle that reminds me of something African. And I love them all.

2. Just a bra. It's velvet!

3. We got two, but I thought you and Amy both kept one. I don't remember keeping one, since I already had the Dead End sign and the No Parking sign Eli helped us steal at the square during Oklahoma. Hee. I'd give anything to put a No Dumping sign over my toilet.

The password is xpsGUMPf. That's weird!

Fri Feb 24, 04:20:00 PM  

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