Thursday, February 23

For honor.

Wow. It's not just in Pakistan. It's a few streets over.*

A 40-year-old Midtown man was charged Wednesday with stabbing a neighbor to death over family honor.

Neama Hamza D Al-Mosawi was charged with first-degree murder in the death of David Dillin, who lived across the street from Al-Mosawi at 1378 Jefferson.

Al-Mosawi broke into Dillin’s apartment shortly after midnight Tuesday and stabbed him repeatedly, according to the charges.

He then also tried to break into another nearby apartment, but was chased off when the resident began firing shots at him.

Al-Mosawi turned himself in to police, and said he stabbed Dillin because he believed Dillin was having sex with his sister. Police found a bloody knife in Al-Mosawi’s pocket.


*If you click that link, it's going to take you, for whatever reason, to a lamentably unreadable archives page, even though the story (it was a brief) was published today. was recently redesigned, and it looks a whole lot cleaner than the old design, but there are still some bugs, which is why, I think, when I searched for "Hamza honor," the story link it returned sent me to the archives. That the search even returned a working link is good enough for me, but as a bonus it asked me "Were you looking for hams honer?" I most certainly was not, because when you search for "hams honer," you get bupkis.


Blogger oskiesmom said...

We (meaning we copy editors) got taken to task for our handling of that little story in a Letter to the Editor. I'm not up on the art of linkage so I copy it here

You reported that a Midtown man was "charged with stabbing a neighbor to death over family honor," because the victim was allegedly having sex with the perpetrator's sister (Feb. 23 article). To assert that the crime was attributable to "family honor" is alarming editorializing.

That motive might perhaps be ascribed to the assailant, but to state it as a fact only reinforces medieval attitudes that lead to so-called honor killings and rapes, as most notoriously seen in Pakistan lately.

Christine Tague

Chris is a former CA copy editor and a good friend of mine. In fact I need to call her ...

Fri Feb 24, 05:01:00 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

I am the niece of the 47year old victim in memphis, and this was not a crime of family honor, this was a man who was deranged and should have never been in this country in the first place, he was an innocent man who was the victim of a sister who didn't even live here in the United States, This man will pay throught the Judicial System, our family will see to it.

Sun Feb 26, 12:51:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

O'Mom: I saw that and wondered why we hadn't employed some well-deserved scare quotes in the original story.

Andrea: "Family honor" is ridiculous and won't hold in a court of law, hopefully. Murder is murder is murder. I wish your family the best.

Sun Feb 26, 01:23:00 AM  

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