Friday, July 1

[You are beautiful, but you don't me a thing to me]
Two things:

One: War of the Worlds whooped my ass. I was down on the floor, and it just kept kicking me (and Amber and Phil and Jamie). I don't care if the reviews say Tom Cruise is bereft of a soul; you already knew that. Just go see this movie on a giant screen and prepare to be terrorized by the spectacle of desperation and fear. And then, at the end, see if you can spot the deus ex machina. Spielberg (Wells), you lout!

Two: I caved and ordered the Sims 2 for this snazzy Mac of mine, despite all the message board horror stories I read regarding its poor non-PC performance. I suspect it's my video card that's not pulling its weight, but the game looks jagged as hell (way worse than when I play it on Amber's PC) and it crashes constantly, even when I'm just installing a window in a tiny house. I've had a similarly disappointing experience for Sim City for Mac, so as much as it pains me, this much is clear: I will need to own a PC if I want to continue my obsession with Sim games. Aspyr, I don't know if you're to blame for this, but I can't help but think you could have done a better job. Any tech geeks care to explain why their conversions suck so much?


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