Sunday, May 29

[Eight-year-olds, dude]
Let me just say there is nothing better than coming home at midnight and having a plate of leftover rice pilaf and pork chops. Except maybe having rice and pork chops fresh instead of microwaved. Phresh phrom Phil's (Ph)Kitchen, that is.

Comedy Central is playing The Big Lebowski uncut right now, and I am suddenly reminded of how superior this movie is to anything the Coen brothers have done since O Brother Where Art Thou. John Torturro's slow-motion bowling scene with the Spanish rendition of "Hotel California" is pure cinema magic. Nobody fucks with the Jesus. Indeed.

The brothers Coen are due for something good. Something fantastic, actually. They owe us since The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty, the latter of which I have to admit I didn't see, so I guess I can't judge. But Ladykillers sucked enough for two movies. Thanks a lot, Marlon Wayans, for ruining what could have been a perfectly mediocre film. Check out that link so you can have a laugh at the awful photo.

This post was pretty much sponsored by IMDB, by the way.

Good night.


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