Tuesday, May 24

[I'm really glad there's a grasp to grab]
The Built to Spill show was unbelievably packed. And hot. I'm talkin' the kind of hot that Nelly sings about. The kind of muddy delta hot that makes you want to add extra consonants to words like "hott" and "dirrty." Yeow! The concrete floor was slippery and it hadn't even been raining outside. But despite the sweaty young bodies crammed in the room, I didn't smell a single armpit or fart all night. Apparently the Midtown kids are well-groomed and polite. I was pleasantly surprised. That's not to say they're not assholes, which they may or may not be. The jury's still out on that one.

The show was great. I regret that we didn't stay for the whole thing. It was just too sweltering for Phil and Jamie. I was uncomfortable, but I didn't want to leave. I got outvoted. At least they played "In Your Mind" and a couple of my other favorites. I think they could have packed a larger venue than the Deli, which is actually pretty small. It's probably a lot smaller than what used to be 328 in Nashville. Supposedly they have a new album due out this fall. Commence finger-crossing.


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