Saturday, May 28

[Ashes in my mouth]
I've learned so much in the past week. Like ...

+ CA style for "glamour" ("glamor") thumbs its nose at popular American usage as well as AP style. "Glamor" looks flagrantly wrong to me. Ditto for our style on "backyard" (solid in all instances). Yet we don't make "front yard" solid in any instance. It's all so random, sort of like life.

+ "Godwinning" is a term used by 'netheads to refer to any time someone, in a discussion thread, invokes a Hitler or Nazi analogy. It's generally understood to mean that a thread is over once someone "godwins," as it's considered a faux pas. This I learned while reading the Fark thread on Orson Scott Card's column railing against the perils of unchecked media (i.e. Newsweek). Since I'm not above ad hominem attacks, let me put it out there: What a douche.

+ Looking at Memphis scenester blogs depresses me because it makes me constantly feel like I'm never drunk enough to be enjoying life. I'll not link to them for fear of discovery via trackback. You can probably do your own dirty work by googling "Memphis scenester blogs."

+ I get depressed over silly, meaningless things a lot these days. My sensitivity level is pretty much out the roof. Today things have been good, but I think it's because I had a nice afternoon with Tamara and her ex-bf Jeff, both of whom stopped by on their way to New Orleans. But I just wonder how long this good mood can last. Until my CD skips? Until someone cuts me off in traffic? Until outer space is lined with weapons poised to incinerate any stray anti-establishment ants?

+ Lucid dreaming gets easier with time and practice. Some time after Tamara told me that she had a dream in which she made herself breathe underwater, I had a brief snippet of a dream in which I fell into some deep water, and realized I was dreaming. I remembered what she had told me about her underwater dream, and I took a breath -- a painless, solitary breath -- before I woke up. Quite amazing. I've got to work on doing truly remarkable things in my sleep, since my waking hours are reserved for silly humdrum tasks, like blogging.

John Ford resigned today, which has us all in a quasi-giddy mood, since the CA has been relentless in our coverage of him and his longtime, egregious foibles. All cynicality (tm Superdrag) aside, I hope this will begin an era of true crusading against political corruption in Tennessee, especially in this city, which seems to be regarded by most people who know it as the hotbed of ethical backsliding.


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