Friday, November 19

[Truth doesn't make a noise]
Tonight at work ...
  • I trained a new woman. She made the mistake of wearing high heels and paid for it at the end of the night with nice, new blisters.
  • Two unrelated small children got away from their parents and hid silently while we searched frantically beneath the racks. I almost called security twice, when the little buggers' parents spotted them hiding beneath a table and, later, near the linens stockroom. They would have never made it out alive from there had we not found them when we did. That place is a black hole.
  • Jenny Crouch came by and told me about two job possibilities on campus: one in Publications and Graphics and the other at The Record. Turns out Angela Hayes, the editor, quit, which will likely cause a shuffle in the department that could leave a spot open. And while none of us are crazy about PR, all of us are crazy about having a job that could eventually lead to a better job.
In other news, my computer is in Memphis. I'm excitedly awaiting its arrival.


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