Monday, November 15

[They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool]
My aunt Vicki, her boyfriend (a sociology professor at Lambuth), another prof, and a small group of Lambuth students came to Murfreesboro yesterday for some sociology/poli-sci symposium on campus. We met up this afternoon at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant, and ate lunch. I'd never had sushi before, but I tried a little bit. I don't know. I think it's a little fishy for me. And a little too squishy. I don't do too well with food that has a gelatinous consistency, especially gelatinous meat. But at least I tried. It was fun catching up with my aunt and meeting her new beau, who reminds me ever so slightly of a more sophisticated Eugene Levy.

This morning a sharp rap at the door prompted Phil and me to bolt from the bed and stumble around, trying to put on clothes while my dry contacts fogged up and scraped my corneas painfully. Sure it was my computer, I opened the door to a less-than-enthusiastic UPS woman, and drunkenly signed my name on her digital signature capturing device. Across the breezeway, Ileah was receiving a package in her pajamas, too. We exchanged sleepy salutations and a laugh that both of us were awakened by the UPS lady at 10:30 a.m. What losers. It wasn't my computer. Just some software.

Tonight I went over to Kristin and Jimmy's and took a gander at the newest addition to their family. Alvy, as he will probably be called, is the tiniest pug I've ever seen. He has a really pretty coat of silver fur, and his head is so huge that he's still not sure of the best way to carry it around on his shoulders, which makes for some funny trotting. We're going to introduce him to the ferrets while they're bigger than him, so they can sniff each other and get comfortable being neighbors.

We're still feeding Gonzo DermCaps, his fatty fish oil, in the hopes that he'll get better soon. I guess it's too early to tell how he's doing, but this morning he and Felix ripped around the apartment, playing like nothing was wrong. Good times.


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