Saturday, November 13

[Sheets of empty canvas]
Man, I'm tired. We were so busy today at work because of some surprise coupon sale they sprung on us at the last minute. And not just that. There was so much stock to put up and nowhere to cram it. Our store is so small already, but they just keep ordering stuff and leaving it up to us sales associates to figure out how to fit it in. And when we cram everything onto the racks, customers moan and whine that it's too crowded. Ah, retail fun.

You know what else is fun about working retail? The constant gossiping that goes on. Ugh, it's abhorrent. I think I work with a bunch of racists, and racist gossip is particularly vile. There's this new girl (she's been there for two weeks or so) who is black, and everyone talks shit about her all the time. They say it's because she steals sales and is bitchy, but she's never stolen a sale from me. In fact, she's given me sales. And I don't care if she's not sunshiney all the time; neither am I. Anyway, it's stupid bullshit and it's all anyone there worries about. They congregate behind the registers and just exchange stories about how much this particular woman sucks. I've never heard such mean-spirited things spoken by current workers about a new worker. They don't use racial slurs or anything, but I get a really bad vibe from all of them, like they're trying to imply that it's typical or something. I try to stay out of it and actually go do work, and I defend her when I can, but I can tell that this woman knows everyone is talking shit about her, and I wouldn't be surprised if I inherit her scorn by association.

Anyway, Dillard's is going to stop carrying Tommy Hilfiger, which rules. I don't know why, but I'm sure it was some corporate tiff. I can't find anything out about it on the Internet. But this means no more $94 velour sweatsuits for your 9-year-old girl. At least not from Dillard's anyway.


Blogger nashgirl said...

Oh, man, I remember those velour jumpsuits when I was working at Penney's last Christmas. For the life of me, I couldn't understand the draw, but they went like hotcakes.

Sun Nov 14, 07:19:00 PM  

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