Monday, November 29

[Here's the selfless confession]
The day after Thanksgiving at work wasn't too bad. In fact, I don't think I made my quota, so it was essentially just like any other night at work. This week I'm scheduled for 39.1 hours. I'm burning out really quickly. I have so much left to do for school and every day I waste at Dillard's puts me further behind and stresses me out more. So today I'll be calling out of work – or at least coming in late for a half-day – so I can get some work done on the brochure (and my film paper and grammar homework and take-home final exam).

The Kids reunited this weekend, sans Patrick, and we had a fabulously loud, inebriated time. I miss having us all together like old times. We watched The Office Christmas special, and kvetched when we thought Tim and Dawn ... well ... I won't spoil it for you. Patrick will get to join us graduation night for a big shindig, so I'm looking all kinds of forward to that.

My whole family is planning to come up for graduation, and I've suggested that we go see the Polar Express on the 3-D Imax in Opry Mills. I can see a big group of us Clampetts, as we like to joke, strolling into the mall and demanding 15 tickets to this thing. Hoo ha, should be fun!

I started a blog for my family so we can better keep in touch in while we're not physically together. I've invited my parents and siblings, aunt and cousins, and grandmother to post. So far my mom's the only one to respond. I'm hoping they'll all hop on board.


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