Sunday, November 21

[All in all it doesn't matter]
Work, work, work. At 8:30 yesterday morning I watched a rousing game of musical chairs, Decorate the Human Christmas Tree, and Get To Know Your Fellow Associate. The free finger food breakfast was nice, and even though I didn't win anything, I still got to take home a pretty nice fleece throw (that has "Dillard's" emblazoned on it about the size of a two-by-four). I groaned when our store manager used the opportunity of having us all together to tell us that "xmas" offends her and that we should "Keep Christ in Christmas" this year. And then she told us to get out there and coerce people into opening up frivolous credit accounts so we can have a chance at winning a TV!

So I'm going to go work some more today, and some more tomorrow. And 37 hours in the coming week. And here's what I have left to do for school in two weeks:

+ Study for my Lit and Film final exam.
+ Start and finish my film final paper.
+ Turn in a semester's work of homework for Grammar.
+ Conduct some informal research during Thanksgiving, and then turn my findings into a paper for Grammar.
+ Catch up on 10 quizzes, 1 paper, 3 Web site reviews, 5 message board comments, and probably more for my online Ab Psych class.
+ Study for the final upcoming Logic test.
+ Wrap up homework for Death and Dying.
+ Study for comprehensive Death and Dying final exam.
+ Start laying out brochure for independent study credit and have comps to Ray and Dr. Kimbrell before Thanksgiving. I'm waiting on my computer to get here so I can do so.
+ Contact the advertising and PR people and get them to talk about the future of their fields so I can write some PR nonsense for this brochure.
+ Finalize and turn in a couple of solid brochure designs before graduation in the hopes that they'll like them and use them for the future.


Blogger phallicpen said...

Holy testicle Tuesday. I wish I could just give you my homework from Grammar, which I copied from the back of the book.

Just float. Hey, we should watch that movie to get us in the holiday spirit.

Sun Nov 21, 11:35:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

I like Dr. Blackwell a lot, but she posts all those answers online so I'm just going to rip them from WebCT. She didn't not say we couldn't.

Sun Nov 21, 07:07:00 PM  

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