Tuesday, August 17

[I promise that I'll run away with you]
Alien Vs. Predator was awful, awful, awful. I wasn't aware that they allowed scripts like that anywhere near a film crew these days. Oh, right. I forgot all about American Pie 3.

I've spent the past week doing nothing besides looking for a job. Does anyone know of any place that's hiring? I need a part-time job to round out my income. At least I have the library, but last fall I had three jobs and even then it was a struggle to pay the bills. So I imagine that, once this $100 in my checking account disappears, I'm going to feel the sting of partial unemployment, which is why I'm trying to head it off at the pass and get a job now.

Being broke means no Internet or cable. And without cable or Internet at home, and lacking a subscription to a major newspaper or magazine, I feel completely cut off from the world. I kind of like it, but I also kind of completely hate it. When I have TV, I long to Tivo the ads out of my life. And the FOX. And Entertainment Tonight. And The Man Show. And local news.

I'm sitting in the dark in my parents' living room as Phil dozes on the couch near me. We're here until Wednesday night, visiting, making the usual rounds. Already I've had a horse fart in my general direction, and I've seen a brown recluse sprawled menacingly on the floor in the room I'm sleeping in. Sigh.

Tomorrow we'll sojourn to Savannah and run errands. I need to go visit my great grandmother in the nursing home. I hear she's not doing so well. She mistook my dad for some other man, and couldn't remember my mom's name. I guess that happens when you're 95.

Tomorrow night we'll hang out with my sister and nephews. My mom told me that Casey, the eldest, makes up any excuse he can think of to get food when he's here at the house. He'll open the fridge and pretend it was an accident. "Ooops, Grammy, I didn't mean to do that."

She also told me a funny story about Patrick, the youngest. Apparently Casey is into making beaded bracelets with lettered beads that spell out words. Well, Patrick, while Casey was off doing something else, got into the beads and made my mom a bracelet in a hurry, before Casey caught him. He brought it to her and said, "I couldn't spell 'Grammy' so I wrote 'I love Tim' instead," and ran off. Heh.


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