Monday, July 19

[No one knows how low we'll go]
Patrick and Amber came to visit this weekend. We watched all twelve episodes of The Office, a British mockumentary show that is absolutely brilliant. I had never seen it before, but I couldn't stop watching it. It makes American comedy like Anchorman (one of the worst ten movies I have ever seen) look terribly, terribly sophomoric and sad. I want to put Tim (Martin Freeman) in my pocket and carry him home with me. David, the boss, reminds me of all the tools I've ever met, rolled into one compact, hilarious package that delivers awkward moment after wincingly awkward moment.
I brought the kids up to the newsroom to look around. It was Sunday morning and completely dead. We ate at the Magic City Cafe, a little diner downtown with big plate-glass windows and a buffet Amber deemed to be in "the temperature danger zone." Then we went to pay our respects to the scantily clad Vulcan, who looked a little arrogant up close. The view of the city from atop Red Mountain, however, was great. I took pics, but it's a pain to upload them, so you'll have to wait. We were too cheap to pay the $6 to ride the elevator up into Vulcan's loincloth.
We also ate at Dreamland Barbecue, apparently a nationally famous eatery, and I picked through a gargantuan pork sandwich that was more sloppy joe than pulled pork. Ugh. Fat dripping off the muscle fibers. Yum? Looking at that dripping mound of meat chunks, I could see why Amber would volunteer to stop eating meat. It truly is disgusting most of the time.
I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe for PC from Office Max for $2 (hooray for clearance!) and can't stop playing it. It's bound to be an obsession to rival The Sims. At least until The Sims 2 comes out. I may as well drop out of school.


Blogger Joey Hood said...

I love "The Office." I've only seen a few episodes, though.

Mon Jul 19, 02:36:00 PM  

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