Tuesday, July 27

[Let's have a ball and a biscuit, sugar]
The yard sale was a success. I made $16, but more importantly, I got rid of several pairs of too-small jeans that had been taunting me for years. Amanda cleaned up with more than $50. We did a lot of crap-exchanging with one another. A T-shirt for a wallet, etc. Just shuffling the former creature comforts around. We partied hard that night. I spent Sunday throwing up.

Phil said the wedding was nice. He said we should get married so we could reap all the material benefits. I mean, any other time you specify what sort of obligatory gift you want, you're a jerk. Or a kid at Christmas. But when you get married, you can go and make a list of the exact gifts you want and people will actually go get them. Amazing.

Work yesterday was pretty cool. I designed 1A and it looks respectable, I think. It's not fabulous, and I'm not sure if it pops, but it's nice and clean. I would like to provide you with a link but it's not on the paper's Web site yet (they update late) and, for whatever reason, it didn't show up on the Newseum site, even though we sent it. My supervisor sent it from a Yahoo mail account, which may have been a problem, since it was a large PDF. The guys in pre-press made me a plate to keep, and I also got a large color print-out. Both can be framed.

I've been summoned to lunch Friday with the bosses at The Summit Club. My boss Stan told me it's a nice place and that I should wear "something besides jeans, if [I] have the option." I'm sure he didn't mean that to sound snarky, right?

Saturday we're off to New York. I can't believe it. We need to get a camcorder to document the road trip hijinks.


Blogger phallicpen said...

Shirley we know someone who has one and wouldn't mind letting us borrow it.

Tue Jul 27, 05:38:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Billy has one, obviously, but I don't want to ask to borrow it. Let's just go buy one and return it. Hey, can you get a cash advance on your loan? Circuit City, here we come!

Tue Jul 27, 06:29:00 PM  

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