Monday, March 29

Did you ever let a cowboy sit on your lap
Rain. Worms on the sidewalks. Water in my shoes. It's fitting that the first day back to school from my superbly relaxing spring break is naught but a dark deluge. I assume it's merely foreshadowing my hectic week-to-come.

Writing April Fool's edition stories, layout and graphics. Starting/finishing three ad redesigns for design class Wednesday. Pinning down exactly what's going on with the SGA elections. Production tomorrow. Rewriting my damn Kubrick paper. Reading a ton of stuff for Lesbian Studies. Also for that class, writing a film analysis paper on a film I've yet to even pick out ... by Thursday. Putting together a schedule for the fall. Phil's little brother is visiting for two days. Mommying Phil, who is sick with whatever nastiness I had a couple of weeks ago. And speaking of moms, my mom might be coming up Thursday and staying the night.

What makes your muscles twitch? Well, a quick google search tells me that some twitching is normal. I've been having crazy eye twitches for weeks. And then my left bicep chimed in and started shivering a couple of days ago. It would be funny if it wasn't so damned annoying. I know people think I have a nervous tic. Uh, maybe this means I do.


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