Saturday, March 27

No running away from the scene of the crime
It's technically Saturday and not Friday anymore, but I want to wish Phil and Amber a happy birthday. Somehow both of them were born on March 26. That is crazy. And then there's Joey with his birthday on the 27th. Everyone who's anyone has a birthday in March. My mom, my dad, my nephew, and these guys.

We celebrated during most of the day, though Phil got up feeling sick and commenced puking at 6 or 7 a.m. I gave him some Stephen Hawking books and some money to buy a drum set when he picks one out. He got over whatever bug he had and felt better by the evening. He grilled chicken for Billy, Jimmy and me. We watched crazy home movies featuring the Mustache Brothers. Then it was over to Nick/Amanda's (though Amanda wasn't there) for some bonfire fun 'n' games with most of the kids.

Tonight should be fun and educational. Kristin is coming over to hang out and meet Jimmy. He saw her picture the other day and his interest was picqued. I don't want to jinx it, so I won't say anything but this: I don't want my first attempt at playing Cupid to fail. So the stars better align for this particular love connection lest I unleash my fury on the uncooperative parties. Just kidding. But I do hope they hit it off. Hee!

Oh, and because I'm a narcissitic (sp?) loser, I made a quiz to see who really knows me. Take it! And then make your own damn test.


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